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Again, forgive my pronunciation ; n;

Haikyuu!! voice meme

1. Introduce yourself! :3
2. What got you in to Haikyuu?
3. Favorite character(s)?
4. So I heard about them OTPs… What are your favorites?
5. Now say the following:Haikyuu!! | Karasuno | Nekoma | Aobajousai | Date tech | Fukurodani | Middle Blocker | Setter | Libero | Wing Spiker | ROLLING THUNDER!! | Don’t do the banzai block!! | Gomen Tsukki~ =w= 
6. There sure are a lot of people… Who would you date? How do you think it’ll go?
7. Favorite episode so far or favorite moment/match in any point of the manga??
8. Lastly, any words for us? End it with a huge bang!

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I’m sorry for my voice and the shitty pronunciation.  It’s a piece of shit…


Your name and username
Where you’re from
Say the following words: Yowamushi Pedal, Sohoku, Hakone, Kyoto Fushimi, Onoda Sakamichi, Manami Sangaku, Midousuji Akira, Pocari sweat, cadence, Bepsi.
Who’s your favorite character and why?
Who’s your least favorite character and why?
Do you have a favorite team? Explain!
What was your favorite moment in the series?
Any moments that made you cry/tear up?


What’s your OTP? Tell me all your feelings!
What are some ships you are into besides the OTP?
Do you have any ships you dislike? 


Which character would you want to be friends with?
Which character would you want to date?
Which character would you not get along with?
Which character are you protective of?

Sing the Love Hime song?


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1. State your name/username (or both)
2. Where are you from?
3. Who is your favorite character?
4. In which style can you swim better? (example: freestyle, butterfly…)
5. Your OTPs in Free?
6. What do you think of the anime?
7. And what about the light novel?
8. Which animal would you like to be?
(example: dolphin, orca, shark…)
9. Say the following words:
- pool
- water
- swimsuit
- freestyle
- Haruka
- orca
- Ryugazaki
- butterfly
- backstroke
- breaststroke
- Olympic swimmer
- mackerel
- relay
- megane
- Iwatobi-chan
10. Sing us a part of Rage On and/or Splash Free! *^*

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So I promised anmeichan that I would do this.

Forgive me for not doing the 5 things cause my audio fucked up on my best sooooo I gave up.  And my bad for my horrible voice, the allergies made my nose stuffy :C

We were talking about pronunciation of some common anime/manga Japanese terms in said in english, so I decided to make a list of things for everyone to say it as a voice meme!

Please say it in either your most Japanese accent or your normal accent. Either way it’s fine!

[Introduce yourself first!]:

My name is (insert name here).

Atashi/watashi/boku/ore/oresama (depending on preference/gender) no namae/na ha (insert name here) desu.


Manga, Anime, Yaoi, Yuri, hentai, Hatsune Miku desu!, moe moe kyun, kakkoi, kawaii, sugoi, baka, neko mimi, kokoro, tenshi, akuma, gambare!, tsundere, yandere, kuudere, dokidoki, wakuwaku, Naruto, Vocaloid, Kaname Madoka, Shingeki no Kyoujin, Durarara, Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

漫画、アニメ、ヤオイ、ユリ、変態、初音ミクです!、萌え萌えキュン、かっこいい、可愛い、凄い、バカ、猫耳、心、天使、悪魔、頑張れ!、ツンデレ、ヤンデレ、クウデレ、ヘタレ、ドキドキ、ワクワク、ナルト、ボーカロイド、鹿目 まどか、進撃の巨人、デュラララ、涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱。

Final thing: Name 5 of your favourite Japanese titles and say them! It can be anything from anime to songs to books!

Man I suck so much….

This blog will be on hiatus for some time with some updates from time to time.


I got my Atobe figure.  I’m sorry for my derp.  Connie pengu helped unpack it.

He’s sitting on the couch cause I refuse to open him right now »

Review of NYC New York Color Big Bold Lip Gloss

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I received my Varsity VoxBox yesterday and I just unboxed it today.  Will be reviewing the products soon!


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I got my lil Taigaaaa

Crappy pics but I am excite to have hiiiim~  OHOHOHOOHOOOOO!!!